Urchin 5e

Urchin 5e is the last D&D background in the series of background topics. Playing with urchin 5e background gives a different type of experience.

In the urchin background 5e, you are taught how to live in this cruel world if your parents died at your young age, and you are left alone on the streets having nothing in your hands as you are very poor. If no one cares about you, you should learn to live for yourself.

Urchin 5e the D&D background : 

You have to face, include; fighting for food, saving yourself from other guys, and always taking care of your stuff. You don’t have a home to sleep, so you sleep on footpaths and roofs. There is no one to care even if you are sick; you don’t have enough money for medications. Now you have only nine lives left, and you have become influential in using raw materials for your needs.

When you get towards your adventure at the start of the game, you need some money to spend a stable life for ten days easily. But the question is, how did you get the money to make your life durable? What are the powers you need, so you can go out of this desperate living and get a better experience?

Important stuff for starting a better life:

There are some essential skills, tools and equipment. Nothing can stop you from starting a better stable life and getting all the things if you have all this.


In every stage of life, you should be perfect in some skills to help you live a better experience.

  • Sleight of hand: These are the Different tricks used for benefits.
  • Stealth: Doing something quietly and carefully that no one notices.


The tools you need for your safety and earning. Just like thieves tools which are present in disguise kit.


Equipment is also essential as these are the few things to help you in your life.

  • A knife: You Needs for your safety.
  • Map of the city: To know where you are and where to go in case of danger.
  • A pet rat: A pet is Essential as it helps in your work.
  • Souvenir: Helps you to remember your parents in every stage of your life.
  • Clothes: Set of clothes to wear daily.
  • Waist pack: It should be of 10 GP.

Particular characteristics of an Urchin 5e:

  • Hide pieces of food and accessories in their pocket
  • Ask frequent questions.
  • Love to hide in places where no one can find.
  • They are used to sleep under the trees and walls.
  • While sleeping, hide bundle of things in arms.
  • There eating way is very impolite, just like a pig.
  • They don’t like it if anyone talks or says anything about their behaviour.
  • They hate bathing,
  • They always expose the things others want to hide.

Flaws present in Urchin 5e:

It’s evident that no one is perfect, so in urchin 5e, there some flaws too. Which are listed below?

  • If they saw the person fighting against them is powerful, they skip the fight and run away.
  • They love gold and think it’s the most expensive thing in the world. So the poor guy can do anything to get it.
  • They only trust themselves, never on others.
  • They always prefer sneak attacks as if peoples are in danger.
  • They never steal something if they need it; more than there owner, they will get it.
  • They never care about anyone.

Features of urchin 5e:

In the urchin background 5e, when anyone can get lost easily in the country. You know the secret paths to skip and hide. And you can easily find any way to get out of danger. If you are not included in the fight, you can guide your partners by teaching them two locations.


So have read the complete article, and now you know that it is all about the poor, orphan guy, and can’t afford to live a stable life. After that, you have taught the essential skills, tools, and equipment. You require throughout the game. These things will help get a better life as everyone has some characteristics and some flaws. Now you get a better experience of the game while playing.