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There is excellent news for ICS readers that another pc cricket game is on this site. I am regularly putting forward the latest pc games on my site, and today I bring the long-awaited pc cricket game, i.e., E.A. cricket 2019. It’s now surprising that E.A. sports cricket games take over the world,  if not, leastways on Asian countries. Anyhow, if you are visiting this site for the E.A. sports cricket 2019 game/patch, then you landed in the right place.

I’ll you all the details related to E.A. sports cricket 2019 as well as download links. So stay with me and read on to get all information.

What is E.A. Cricket 2019

E.A. Cricket 2019 was established by H.B. Studio and released by Electronic Arts under the label of E.A. Sports. E.A. cricket 2019 is not a new game, and it is a gaming patch built on cricket 2007 P.C. game. It is available for PlayStation 2 and Windows. Since 2006, E.A. sports have stopped developing Cricket games.

Why E.A. sports stop developing Cricket Games

E.A. sports have to break from all the fans’ desires waiting for the ax to fall for an updated and alluring version of E.A. sports cricket game. Speaking four years ago in an interview to Gameplanet, Mr. Andrew Wilson said: “Well, this year we re-launched SSX, we re-launched FIFA Street – two products that we haven’t done for a long time that both came back to critical acclaim with great sales, both featured innovative Gameplay on both fronts. There’s authentic street football with FIFA Street. Oveincrediblecade-driven Gameplay of SSX with incredible online innovation in terms of how you play, so right now, cricket is not a focus for us, we’re focused on other things, but we’re always evaluating the market and looking for opportunities to bring new experiences to consumers.”

Reference: https://sportzwiki.com/cricket/the-reason-why-ea-sports-stopped-developing-cricket-series

The reason for breaking off the cricket series is that there are only ten utmost cricket playing nations. Amongst the ten teams, Pakistan, England, and Australia relish the monopoly. So it’s difficult for the company to look for profit from this game.

The E.A. Sports Company has always dealt with privacy problems in the Indian market, and also a couple of years ago, they set themselves up in a valid deadlock with BCCI. This start to the death of the game in the Indian market. Consider the population of England and Australia; it’s difficult for the company to anticipate any benefit from those countries. Lastly, they decided to cease their operations in the cricket series. The company is only concentrating upon football as they have arisen with FIFA 2016, which is much superior to its old edition. A relation between the updated version and the old version of the game will give you a clear message of how much the company is concentrating upon football. Football is luring them more benefits as the game is famous worldwide and the most considerable amount is engrossed in this game. Cricket stands to no place if related to football. But MR. Wilson also put on that the company will think again upon developing cricket series, but they have no scheme to rethink their decision by that time.

E.A. Sports 07 was the last game to be published by them. The game goes through main amendments in terms of players’ attributes, graphics control, etc. The game was a hit in the market as it was the most excellent game.Many patches are available on the internet to directly change players’ faces, team jerseys and add few tournaments to the game. Still, no changes have done to the playing style and controls, which prohibit the customer from playing the game again.

E.A. Cricket 2019 game Overview

E.A. Cricket 2019 is a video game of Sports with strikes of machination, figuring a man living in a metropolis in the high peaks of the frozen U.S. state whose quiet life is about to collect a prime turn. What is the reason? They have discovered a cremate on the airstrip of the city. From this point starts a chiller of police dyes where the champions and player have no idea who to trust.

Source of enjoyment

The games are a great source of enjoyment. If you desire to make a great deal of pleasure in your leisure time, then you can relish the E.A. Cricket 2019 on P.C.

The game is actually based on the idea of cricket. The players are capable of entering the cricket teams from various nations.

The game is created by adding up various kinds of modes and some particular settings. You can find details about all things in the next paragraphs.

How to play E.A. Cricket 2019

In the starting, the players must create an account in the game. So for it, the players are needed to click on the “create a profile” button.

When you successfully create your account, you can enter it by hitting the “My Cricket” option. With this option, players can change the below-mentioned settings.

  • The level of trouble can be adjusted.
  • The players can make matches of 10, 20, and 50 overs.
  • Choice of the fielding such as – fully or semi-auto fielding

The method of playing the matches is on these adjustments. The choice of fielding type overly influences the technique of playing the game.

Game Modes

After adjusting all adjustments or start playing the game, you can see some options. These options are associated with playing modes or varieties of matches such as

  • Quick game
  • Tournament
  • Test match

In all kinds of matches, the players can get various type of enjoyment level. You should select the playing mode according to the available time.

The rapid matches get ended in a short period and available with the choice of fewer overs. The TournamentTournament is on one-day matches.

List of Tournaments in E.A. cricket 2019

  • The Ashes
  • T10 League
  • HBL PSL 2019 edition
  • ICC Test Championship Phase I
  • ICC Test Championship Phase II
  • All-stars Teams and Exhibition Matches
  • Asia Cup 2018-2019
  • KFC Big Bash League 2018-2019
  • Indian Premier League 2019
  • Bangladesh Premier League 2018-2019
  • MZANSI Super League 2018-2019
  • A. Sports International Cricket 2019 Game Features
  • Each of the utmost tournaments of the year 2019 is hand over with
  • 10+ matches with the error-free contest
  • Each of the Worldwide Standard Broadcasting covering and Menu supplied such as BCCI, Star Sports, PTV, Sony, Sky Sports, Fox Cricket, etc.
  • A pack of Worldwide pragmatic grounds, including grounds, for example, Wankhede, Rajkot, Edgbaston, and so on, is delivered for well and practical gaming experience.
  • Latest 2018-19 Worldwide and Domestic Teams with modern agenda
  • Modern Broadcasting Logos and New 2019 grounds with modernized textures
  • Genuine fixtures (schedule) of each of the TournamentTournament – the reality and the game
  • Brand new H.D. Kits for each of International and Domestic Teams
  • ICC Test Championship tournaments for test lovers
  • All worldwide Standard Broadcasting Overlays and Menu’s provided
  • New 4 thousand Player Bats for most cricketers (Branded and correctly allowed)
  • Latest 2019 Player Faces [100+ new player faces of 2019-20 version]
  • Updated 2018-19 schedule with modernized transfers
  • A Set of 15+ International umpires supplied with
  • distinct Umpire Kits in company with precise faces allowed
  • Latest 2019 Unique Jukebox + 4K Batpack + Gameplay mods – all delivered
  • New and different Overlay Graphics delivered
  • New and different Overlay Graphics delivered
  • New Menus, Overlays, Pitchads, each thing new & modernize
  • Apart from these mega qualities, you have training sessions, exhibition matches, challenging domestic tours, and a lot more to explore.

Requirements for E.A. cricket 2019

  • CPU: Pentium III or Athlon equivalent.
  • S.: Windows 7, 10.
  • CPU SPEED: 2 GHz.
  • VIDEO CARD: DirectX 9.0c Compatible 3D-accelerated 32 MB video card (NVIDIA GeForce2+ / ATI Radeon 7500+ / Intel 865, 915)
  • RAM: 4 G.B.
  • Integrated mouse
  • Integrated keyboard
  • Architecture: x64, x86 (works on both 32 and 64 bit)
  • Batpack and jukebox files
  • DIRECTX VERSION: 9.0c (Included)

What is Batpack?

Batpack is just a Bat file that includes the bats of the players. This E.A. sports cricket 2019 game works with the newest bat pack files.

But E.A. Cricket 2019 already presents with bat files, such as CEAT, MRF, Kookaburra, Spartan, Gray Nicolls, New Balance, Nike, TON, and many more (150+ news bats).

I’ve already added Batpack files in this E.A. sports cricket 2019 game. You don’t need to search for it. When you download the game, Batpack is pre-installed.

What is Jukebox?

A jukebox is a file that includes music, effects, and sounds. You’ll play that music, which results in the game when you are playing the game. There is various pre-installed music in this game, which you can enjoy.

Another interesting fact regarding this is that music automatically plays in the background when you hit a boundary line. You’ll get a real feeling just like PSL when the jukebox is pre-installed.

Note: Batpack is mandatory to file for the game, but the jukebox is optional. Jukebox is pre-installed.

E A sports cricket patch

In this article, all available E.A. sports cricket 2019 Mega patch for E.A. sports cricket 2007 by various modding studios and teams. Right now, there are 2 Mega patches each from H.D. studioZ and PlanetCricket, three sub-versions of each one of the game. These are discussed below in detail. Preparing yourself for all the actions in brand new stuff in as one package and let up on the game’s moments today.

PlanetCricket published its first Mega patch 2019 as PlanetCricket Cricket 2019 phase 1 international updates, Phase 2 Domestic updates, and phase 3 Tournament updates.

H.D. studioZ published their first Mega patch of 2019 as H.D. studioz cricket 2019 version 1 Tours, Version 2 International, and Version 3 scenario packages.

The different modding studio establishes both patches, and in each version, there are various features of the game. Ensure that you do not lap over these patches in each other otherwise, the game will burst.

Requirements for E.A. Cricket 2019 patch

  • A. Cricket 2007
  • Roster
  • Error Fix
  • HD Studioz Cricket 2019 patch.

How to Download EA Cricket 2019

Step 1: Click on this link and click on the download button and download the game’s pdf file.

Step 2: Open the pdf file in your browser and click on the link; your browser will start downloading the latest E.A. cricket 2019 game.

Note: I am giving you 100 percent secured and safe downloads, no Ads, no change, no blooper, in between. Safe, secured, fast, and clean.

Check out the download section below and become acquainted with all the various versions of the game.

How to Install E.A. Cricket 2019

  1. Download and install E.A. Sports Cricket 2007 in folders (Get E.A. Sports Cricket 2007 from here).
  2. Download “E.A. Sports Cricket 2019”
  3. Open the Installer
  4. From any folder, extract the zip file and visit the setup folders, then run HZ StudioZ IC 19.exe.file.
  5. Follow all the commands mentioned on the screen and move forward by clicking the next button.
  6. Choose the segments where to install your game.
  7. Let it Download Full Version game in your disk but ensure that all the documents should install in one folder.
  8. Click next, and after that, click start. Now your setup will Install all the game files (It may take several minutes)
  9. Your game installed successfully, your last step is to go to My documents- E.A. Sports Cricket 2007- and look toward the IC19.ros file; if it is there, then your game E.A. Sports Cricket 2019 is successfully installed. If it is not there so do not worry; manually copy the .ros file (a roster file) and now come to your documents and paste it here (paste roster file of all version)
  10. Now your next step is to install H.D. studioZ Cricket IC19 to a similar location where you installed HD StudioZ IC 2019 (All the procedure of installation is the same as mentioned earlier)
  11. Now you can open the Game from HD StudioZ IC 2019 start.exe from your disk or desktop and Enjoy Playing E.A. Sports Cricket 2019. Do not forget to load the roster file.

Final Words

I hope this article is helpful; your questions such as E.A. sports cricket 2019 game download, cricket 2019 download, cricket 2019 features, cricket 2019 gameplay, etc., have been resolved.

Now you can download the cricket 2019 game and cherish the modified versions of this best game. If you have any difficulty regarding installation or download, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments section.

Thank you!

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