Three companies in Guiyang were successfully selected for the Guizhou Province Blockchain Pilot Project

Recently, the blockchain projects of 3 companies in Guiyang High-tech Zone were selected as the list of “2017 Blockchain Pilot Demonstration Projects” in Guizhou Province. It is reported that Guiyang City has 4 projects selected.

It is understood that in order to further promote the development of blockchain technology and application innovation pilot work, give play to the leading role of demonstration projects, and accelerate the construction of the basic platform of blockchain technology, as well as the construction of application scenarios for government, civilian and commercial purposes. To promote the development of the blockchain technology industry, in August this year, the Guizhou Provincial Big Data Development Leading Group organized the selection of blockchain pilot demonstration projects, soliciting typical and popular blockchain applications projects.

Guiyang’s selected projects include the “Research on Blockchain Platforms Supporting Cross-Chain Interoperability and Smart Contracts” from the Guiyang Institute of Information Technology (Guiyang Branch of the Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), a high-tech zone enterprise, and Guiyang Golden World Financial Technology Co., Ltd. The “Research on the Application of Asset Securitization Services Based on Blockchain Technology” project, the “Government Data Sharing Blockchain Application Platform” project of Guizhou Youyi Hechuang Big Data Assets Operation Co., Ltd., and Bubi (Guiyang) blockchain technology Co., Ltd. “Buno Trade Finance Network (Platform)”. All selected projects will be supported by special funds for big data development in Guizhou Province.

It is reported that the high-tech zone will focus on building big data version 2.0, continue to accelerate the construction of blockchain technology application scenarios, continuously optimize the development environment, and strive to build a sovereign blockchain technology innovation and scenario application demonstration center.

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