Root All Variants of LG G3 Using Stump Root

Smartphones are something that can let you live a smart life. The new era is totally addicted to Smartphones and I don’t think there is a single reason to hate these devices. You can do whatever you want. Do you work, play music and games and do what you like and everything lives inside your Smartphone. LG recently launched LG G3 and this phone is worth giving a time.

This Smartphone offers us Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400 processor. This Smartphone comes in two different RAM, 2 GB and 3 GB. 2 GB LG G3 provides you 16 GB of internal storage while 3 GB LG G3 provides you 32 GB of internal storage. The camera of this Smartphone is worth giving it a shot which is 13 MP. It also have 2.1 MP front camera and it works really perfect no matter where you are.

There are some other features of camera that are really awesome and I don’t think if there is something to hate about this brilliant Smartphone. Laser Auto Focus let you take the best photos no matter where you are. So I think this device is really cool if you love to take selfies or some portraits if you want to. Other than that it comes in Android OS 4.4.2 which is also known as KitKat. It comes in many different charming colors and if you really love Smartphones, this device is worth giving your precious time.

QHD display of this device is really amazing but there are some stuff I really don’t like. You can change several things but not the yellow theme of messaging application. There is a solution to that problem that you can use the Hangouts application but I really like the original messaging app but the color is really bad. The worst and main problem of this device is a battery drain issues. Even if you just use your device for communication. The battery of your Smartphone will be dead with 6 to 7 hours.

There are some other issues as well but if you can root your device, everything you need will be a piece of cake for you. There are many root methods and some of them are complicated. If you do something wrong while rooting your device, there are many chances you will brick your device. That can be undone but why bother doing something difficult if you can root with one single click. Yes you hear it right, nowadays some amazing developers are creating such an app that can root your device in one single tap without any problem. Jcase, IOroot, Autoprime and some other brilliant XDA developers finally created an ultimate tool that can root any LG device including LG G3.

Before we start about how to root LG G3, let me tell you that rooting a device will let you fully take control of your device, other than that rooting will void your warranty and if anything bad happened, we don’t take any responsibilities. Show some guts and do it on your own risk.

Stump Root can root all variants of LG G3 with one single tap. All you need to do is to download Strump Root Application for your LG G3 and that’s it. It won’t affect your data but still why take risks? Make sure you have created a backup if something bad happened. Now that if you have a backup, you may proceed further.

Download Stump Root:

How to Root LG G3 [All Variants] with Stump Root:

  1. Download Stump Root Apk from the link given above.
  2. Copy it to your Smartphone using any file manager.
  3. To download any application manually, you need to enable Unknown Sources.
  4. To do so, go to Setting > Security and enable Unknown Sources.
  5. Now install the Stump Root application on your Smartphone.
  6. Launch this application, Tap Grind button from the application and wait for a few seconds.
  7. It will ask you to reboot your device.
  8. After rebooting your Smartphone, go to Google Play Store, download and install SuperSU App and run it.
  9. This is how you root LG G3 like a boss.

Note: If after rebooting, you device is still not rooted. No need to worry. Again open Stump Root application from you Smartphone. Tap Bruteforce button. This is an option for some unsupported models. It can bruteforce the location within few minutes and after that you device will get rooted. There are just few chances that you have to bruteforce the location. Got any question? Feel free to ask us in the comment box below. Also Read: How To Add All Apps for Dual Window on Rooted LG G3