Outlander background 5e

About outlander background 5e:

In this article, I am going to tell you a lot of information about outlander background 5e. You know every d&d background has its own feature, characteristics, and skills according to its function. The main purpose of writing about Sailor background 5e is when you know about it already while playing the game you will give better performance.

The storyline of this background:

Now the story begins with you, who born in the forest and grows up with wildness. From the start of your life, you don’t even spend a minute of comfort. You are away from the convenience of any civilized technology or urban life.

You witnessed your life just like a beast; you survived from many natural disasters unimaginable. But you also felt the loneliness and no one’s response in the time you need them.

You can be a nomad who doesn’t have a permanent place to live and travel place to place, the explorer who search for different ancient things, reclusive who skip from the population for religious meditation, a fish hunter who hunt fish and eat it or sell it, or predator who hunt dangerous species. These all things show that wildness flows in your blood. Even if you live in a place where there are no facilities but you still survive in that wilderness.

Things required when using outlander background 5e:

No matter where you are living or using which background. It’s necessary to have some tools, equipment and should learn some skills which will help you out throughout your journey.




  • You can use your own language.


  • A walking stick.
  • A hunting trip, which will help you to hunt for food and survival.
  • Loot from an animal with your blade.
  • A traveller costume.
  • A waist pack with 10 GP.

Features of using outlander 5e background:

You are just amazing in remembering the maps and different places. You can always remember the rough layout of different pieces of ground, not only these settlements, or other environmental features can also remember very easily,

Not only this you can also get food and drink easily and five teammates every day to play with you. And one more plus point is that the places you are living will provide you with different types of resources like berries, small beasts, water, and etc.

Characteristics in playing outlander background 5e:

The dnd 5e outlander backgrounds are observed steadily by the urban residents and as it’s very clear that a person who is rude and stupid can’t get respected life in urban.

Most of the players using outlander 5e dnd background have a good connection with tribe, clan, family, or nature. So here are the personality traits shown by the outlander 5e background given below:

Personality traits:

  • You left the country in the desire to travel.
  • You treat your companions like a newborn and always take care of them.
  • You can run 25 miles non-stop and can do it always if necessary.
  • You are always good in the observation of nature, and you always get experience whenever dealing with any situation.
  • No matter you are wealthy or very polite; it won’t help you to fight with a hungry gnawing bear. And it’s very unworthy to value these things.
  • You have a habit to pick up different random things from the ground and take care of it very skillfully but sometimes you break them.
  • You feel more comfortable to be with animals as compared to humans.
  • In actual you are a child who is grown by a wolf as your guardian.

Your ideals if playing with outlander background 5e:

It’s very necessary to make ideals as they help you out and make your life balanced. So here are the ideals managed by the outlander 5e players:

  • It’s very important to go with the flow as the life changes when the seasons change and we must change with it too.
  • Whenever even a single person from the tribe get obligated the overall tribe becomes really happy.
  • You become ashamed of the entire tribe if you defile the honour.
  • A ruling themselves is the strongest feeling.
  • Nature is the most important thing as compare to any civilization.
  • You just want to win the glory in any battle for yourself or for your tribe.