Online Games To Play With Friends on Different Computers

Online games are the best way to catch up with your college mates and friends whom we used to hang out with. Online games help you to connect with your friends virtually when you are in separate houses. Well, there are many ways to play with your friends and have fun with them. So if you are looking for free online games than you have come to the right place. All these games let you face off against your friends online while using different computers.

There are many games to play online like: permainan judi online and many others.

  • Quiplash on Jackbox games:

Quiplash is an online game that can easily be played on PC, Mac, or Linux. In this game, there is a group in which everyone can be involved and have fun. In this game, one has to write the funniest answer and everyone can easily get involved in it. In this game everyone has to write the funniest answer and everyone has to vote for someone and then the winner of the round is declared.

  • Psych:

In this game, you have to bamboozle your pals and in this game, you have to pick the fake answer to real trivia questions. After guessing the right answer you get a point on this.

  • Mario kart tour:

You can install the Mario kart tour app on your phone. In this game, you have to challenge the other seven players to beat you on this race down memory lane.

  • Battleship online:

In this game you can invite your friend by sending him a link and you have to set up 10×10 grids with different battleship. You can also click on any side of the grid of your friend and sink his battleship. You continue to play until one of you is out of the ship. If your friend is not online, you can also play this game with a random person. Maximum two players can play this game and no signup is necessary for this game.

  • Speed soduku:

It is a fun brain teaser but you can also make it competitive. In this game, you can have a maximum of 4 players. For playing this game you have to sign up a new game or play with the existing game. In this players can play simultaneously. In the Speed soduku game, you can password it and protect your game.

  • Lichess:

Lichess is the best browser game of chess. The graphics of the game glitches are very amazing and they are pleasing to the eye. There is also a chat room in the game and an analysis board. One of the best features of the game is that you can request to take back a move when you are playing with friends. In this game no sign-up is necessary, and a maximum of two players can play this game.

  • Ludo king:

Ludo king is everyone’s favorite game.  It is one of the best online games as well as it is very easy. It has features in which there is a number of ways to play with friends. You can play ludo king on the same computer as well as you can play it on different computers and also on the mobile app. You can also play it with the Facebook browser in which you can get extra gems. In the ludo king, a Facebook account is necessary if you want it to continue professionally. A maximum of four players can play on the ludo king.

  • Plato:

Plato chat app is a classic multiplayer game. In this game, you can have up to 100 players at a time who can play games. It is a perfect game for game nights with friends and family. There is a collection of 30 games in it which include UNO, Battleship, a bunch of popular card games, and ludo.

  • 8 Ball pool:

8 Ball pool is the tricky game to play against friends but it is one of the quickest ways to start a  game of pool online. A maximum of 2 players can play this game and no sign-up is necessary for this game.