Hire the best magician in Essex


Magic is one of the best activities you love to see because it makes things possible against nature. As it is returning and getting its place again, Noel Qualter is one of the best magicians in British; he’s said to be the only magician who won the magic circle originality for three times. Not only this, but he won the Cecile Lyle award too.

The specialties of Noel Qualter are Digital iPad magician and tech magic. He can add a mesmerizing effect to your event with his unbeatable and mind-reading tricks.

Magician for any occasion:

Noel Qualter is said to be the king of magician essex as he won many awards for his performance in many weddings, parties, other occasions. He’s also called the best table or close-up magician, having experience of nearly 20-years.  Noel can easily entertain any age of person very easily as he is best in his work. He’s perfect hand tricks can astonish and amuse anyone very easily.

No matter you are planning for a wedding, corporate event, banquet, the launching of a product, or even ball or private parties, you can call Noel to give your party a little magic touch and make it remember for years. Not only this, but Noel can also create special tricks for you. To make you entertain and further amazed. The amazing sense of humor, neat tricks and quick sleight can make your guest remember you and your occasion for years.

Magician for a private party:

For nearly 20 years, Noel has performed in hundreds of parties. It can be of thousands of people or some special and close family members; Noel can amaze anyone. Magic at a party is one of the memorable and makes a huge impact making people amazing for years. Noel is the center of attention from private parties to little ones too. No matter it’s composed of 10 or 110 peoples, Noel can easily entertain anyone.

Magic for a different type of events:

Noel can do different magic tricks according to the events; here is the magic description according to the events:

Banquet magician:

For large gala dinners and banquets, which are arranged at hotels or marquis where at the single table there are 8-1 guests seated close-up party magicians are perfect. In this, magicians roll around the party and show different entertaining tricks at a single table. Whether slowly, the room filled with an emotion that something different is happening, and guests wait for the magician to come to their table.

Houser party magician:

If you are arranging a small house party and want close-up magic to make your event a little different, you can call a magician as space is often in your house. The magician carries things in their pocket or borrows it from others like rings, phones or anything else to show amazing tricks. They don’t even need a stage and can easily mingle with your guests. So if you want to celebrate a birthday party, dinner party, wedding anniversary, or any small gathering giving it a little magic entertainment will be perfect.

Intimate events:

Suppose you have a little party and want a fresh, entertaining act but didn’t want to destroy the calm atmosphere. But don’t know what to do? Call Noel; he can even entertain in small parties.

A real story of a guy who wants to propose his girl, but he calls Noel for help in a different way, and then he magically produces the ring and guesses what? The girl said, yes.

He also performs for the prince of Saudi, who was with his armed guards watching Noel. He was in the hot air balloon and produced an engagement ring; not only this, but he created custom illusions for his friend magicians too.


Magic is what makes unbelievable things happen, which are against nature. All tricks make us amazed and entertained. So in case of making any occasion or event memorable for years, people call magicians who show close-up magic tricks or table tricks to make every single person mesmerized. Noel Qualter is a famous name and the best close up magician in manchester. He is perfect in his work that he can make a complete, mature person amazed too. He never said that it’s important to call me when you are arranging a big event. He’s also available to entertain a party event containing only ten guests. So in need of complete unbelievable fun, call Noel.