Hermit background 5e

The hermit background 5e

If we talk about dnd 5e backgrounds, most of the players use hermit background as it becomes a trend now.  The reason for using this background is its various features, in which some of them are suggested, or you can discover the new features too. And you can also get facilitated life.

So it’s all about a boy living a completely facilitative life in an unbeatable place. He lives with communities or alone. In this challenging life full of confusion and problems, now you have a quiet life. Whether you have learned too that what does struggling for life means.

What do you need to live a seclusion life?

When you are struggling for life, there are special things you should have to maintain peace in your life. So these are some essential things make sure to have while playing in hermit background 5e:


In the hermit background 5e, Religion, and medicine, these both are the unique skills you will need throughout your journey.


The tool kit you need in daily life routine is an herbal tool kit. This kit will include herbal tools to help you when you need it.


You can use any of your languages to convey any message or to talk.


Equipment includes most of the essential things you throughout your journey; it can be a scroll book in which you note the results of research and prayers. A winter blanket to protect you in cold weather. Set of ordinary clothes to protect you. Set of herbal tools for protection and five GP.

Discovering new things throughout the journey:

In hermit background 5e, you were searching for a peaceful and quiet place during the extended period. You discover many unique and powerful secrets. The specific reason that how you got these secrets is that you were in search of seclusion. Now you have great powerful universal truths, the truths about the oracle’s nature, you know the power of another world, or nature’s power.

You may also know the place no one knows about, the long-forgotten truths, or found the relics present under the earth.

Or you also got the most important information you were searching for, which is about the guy who led you in exile. So now you got the chance to return to your world.

Reason to choose the life of seclusion:

There are a lot of questions asked from you when you are living in seclusion. For example, why did you choose privacy? And if you were living in isolation, why did you come back?

You can answer it after discussing it with your DM, or there are some suggested or most used answers by other players.

  • I was searching for the inspiration of the soul.
  • I am forced to do wrong while I don’t want to.
  • I participated in the cleanup and was abide by the rules of schools of theology.
  • Something cruel happens that makes me live alone in search of peace.
  • The reason why I lived in seclusion was I wanted to absorb art or music.
  • I wanted a way to communicate with nature and stay away from this cruel civilization.
  • I have some responsibilities for taking care of ancient relics.
  • I am always in search of saints, holy places, or sacred relics.

Characteristics are founded on a person living in seclusion.

In the hermit background 5e, many people living seclusion life adapted it well, but some start suffering. They start getting irritated with loneliness and waiting for their partners to arrive.

Living alone also shaped their attitudes and ideals. But it’s their choice to still live in the life of seclusion or get out of it. Some people become out of senses and crazy because they were out of society for too long.

Here is some of the personality attitude showed by the people living in seclusion for too long:

  • Even if they are forced to face any problem, they stay entirely.
  • They prefer body language more and speak very rarely.
  • They don’t know anything about common sense or having etiquette.
  • They always accept that everything happening around is according to GOD’s will.
  • They will take care of themselves on their own.

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