Entertainer background 5e

In the complete backgrounds 5e, the entertainer background 5e is the most talented and interesting one. In this article, you will be getting information like routines, skills, characteristics, and many more about entertainer background 5e.

About entertainer background 5e

Now it’s a story about a boy grow up doing acting in front of the audience. Does he gradually know how to please others? How to make them attractive to you? And how to motivate them?

Your songs melt the hearts of your listeners and increase their joy and sorrow. Not only this has your music made them energetic and ended up their sadness. Apart from songs, you also have great humor with fascinating dance steps. It doesn’t matter in which technique you are perfect, art is life, and it gives you a reason to live.

Some essential things you need in your journey

So there are some tricks and techniques you will need when you get an entertainer background 5e. They will help out to play a better game and be successful.


You should be perfect in athletics and good in performance.


You will need all the musical instruments and a disguise kit to alter or stich new costumes easily for better performance in the tool kit.


  • The equipment needed is the musical instrument you can perfectly play.
  • Admires token, which will include a love letter, a strand of hair, or any accessories.
  • An attractive costume which you will wear while performing.
  • A 15 GP belt bag.

Features you will get in entertainer background 5e

In this whole game, you can easily find where to perform. In usual it can be pubs and inns. Or if talk about occasionally, it can be circuses, theaters, or even you can perform in noble halls.

The best feature of an entertainer background is as long as you maintain the performance every night, you will get accommodation, which can be simple or as comfortable as you want. It depends on how popular you are.

It’s all was about singing, so if you come towards acting, it will provide a particular local reputation. But a good point about this is when a stranger will see you in the town in which you are performing. They will treat you very kindly and respectfully.

Characteristics of an entertainer

If you choose to play in entertainer background 5e, there are several characteristics you should have. As it is said that a good entertainer should be versatile in many ways, and he should be able to entertain the audience in different ways that should be in a single performance.

You only have to choose anyone to three of the characters given below, or you can also roll the dice randomly and play with those which come when the dice stops.

  • You can do acting and make the audience shocked by your skills.
  • With dancing, you can also attract them.
  • Fire-eater, amaze them with your skills.
  • You can also be a jester and make the audience laugh with your jokes and pranks.
  • Be a juggler, and impress them with moving different objects in the air.
  • Instrumentalist, attract them with your attractive way of playing different instruments and make them fall in love.
  • You can also write poetry and be a poet for fame.
  • A singer can also entertain listeners with their beautiful voice.
  • The storyteller can write different types of stories like romantic, funny, or motivational too.
  • Be a tumbler and perform acrobats to entertain.

The things make anyone a good entertainer

A good entertainer can do different things to get the audience attraction for publicity or affinity. The best thing about them is they are passionate about romance or having proud or aesthetic standards. Here are some personalities traits present in every good entertainer:

  • They can quickly write a whole story that fits almost every situation.
  • They always collect gossips and rumors whenever they get to a new place.
  • They are always in search of someone who is destined as they are incurable romantic.
  • They can always relax anyone in tension as no one can be angry with them for too long.
  • They love to be dramatic, as they are subtle irony.
  • They will feel uncomfortable if not focused on the crowd.
  • They always think that they are perfect at everything.
  • As fast as their fingers run on the piano, they feel their emotions and thoughts become fast.

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