Are you looking forward to downloading the real, genuine, and authentic cricket game for your PC? If it’s yes, then you’ve reached the right place. Ea Sports Cricket 2007 – 15 years old game, and still being seemed on the significant search engine, i.e., Google. It represents that it’s one of the outstanding cricket game of the Era. Read on to get to know the features, or click on the download button to fall for the cricket 2007 download segment.

Aside from being on the list of earliest cricket games for PC, this game also lies in many gamers’ hearts. It’s one of their beloved childhood memories. Do you know? Cricket 07 is weighed up as one of the most excellent cricket game for pc.

Please Note: This blog is not just a blog that presents you some of the essentials of the game and also a little overview; it’s deeper than that, so ensure to read the complete article & if you like it, so share it.

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Back in 2014, I downloaded this game, and from then on, it’s still on my PC, and I play it each day (By putting on new modes and entertaining Innings and Matches)

I trust it’s the most obsessive cricket game.  Anyway, now let me share some great stats and facts about the game.

Stats and Facts about Ea Sports Cricket 07

Here are some stats to impress you, and also to show my point.

Cricket 07 game has four million+ downloads.

Above 15,000 positive votes for Cricket 07 game

Even in 2020, above 50,000 active gamers play this cricket game every day (by applying modes like IPL19, WC19, etc.)

Currently, High Graphics, full stadiums, new Alteration, etc., features are claimed by gamers.

Overview of EA Sports Cricket 2007

EA Sports Cricket 2007 is a cricket imitation computer game started by EA Canada and HB Studios and released by EA Sports. It is accessible for PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows. The game was published on 26 November 2006 and on 14 November 2006 in Australia. This game has collected massive popularity around the cricket playing nations.

EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007 PC Game has many game setups, just like the international setups. They are – defined over’s matches (5, 10, 20, or 50 overs), 4-day top-notch matches, and five-day test matches.

You can choose different pitches like wet pitches, green pitches, hard pitches, etc., and distinct weather conditions at various locations.

Many International stadiums are accessible, as the Lord’s in England, with the stunning encouraging crowd and great display ads. You can thoroughly alter the stadiums from 2007 to 2019 look directly by put on the stadium’s patch.

Additionally, it covers easy stroke play (shots, drives), along with the introduction of the High drama Ashes segment and upgraded player management.

For example, the accessories, Shoes, kits, bats, sweat towels, gloves, etc., give great practice to a player. Their stripe of defeats has been damaged as this game has more than 4 Million downloads.

EA Cricket 2007 Game Features

EA Sports has made Lot of modifications and added some new features to this C07 game. Developed features of EA Sports Cricket 2007 include upgraded player control and simple hit play, together with the Ashes segment’s introduction. There was also furthermore on Commentary as Mark Nicholas joined Richie Benaud. Mentioned below:

  • New Realistic Stadiums
  • Improved Graphics and Controller
  • Player Creation and Editing Options
  • International & Domestic Teams (Aus/Eng)
  • Major International & Domestic Tournaments & THE ASHES

Tournaments in EA SPORTS Cricket 07

This game gives a good deal of tournaments placed on a level, i.e., International and domestic matches.

The game provides players the choice of entering various international and national matches, including full seasons and tournaments:

World Championship: Administer 16 international teams playing finite overs cricket for the World Cup trophy.

World Series: Authorize three to five teams playing in a day/night tournament in venues throughout Australia.

Knockout Cup: Authorize eight teams playing in a finite over Tournament to win the trophy.

Test Series: Select two teams to battle a series of one to six Test matches.

Tour: Choose a team and catch in a series of Tour, One Day, and Test matches with the host nation’s teams. The tours are

  • Long England Tour
  • Long Australia Tour
  • Short England Tour
  • Short Australia Tour
  • Caribbean Tour
  • Sub-Continent Tour
  • South African Tour
  • Zimbabwe and New Zealand Tour
  • One-Day Circuit Tour

You can play all these series with any of the International teams below-mentioned.

International Teams in Cricket 07

  • Australia | Bermuda | Bangladesh | Canada | England
  • India | Kenya | Ireland | Namibia | Netherlands
  • Pakistan | New Zealand | Scotland | Srilanka
  • United States | South Africa | West Indies | Zimbabwe

If you want to take part at a lower level, then the Domestic series is best for you.

Furthermore, these domestic tournaments are country-specific; you’ll get two alternatives in the domestic segments.

  • Australian State Cricket
  • England/ English State Cricket

Australian State Cricket Tournament | 2007

State Season: The six-state heads play over an entire season.

Pura Cup: Australia’s four-day, two-inning Tournament.

One Day Domestic Series: Australia’s 50-over One Day contest.

KFC Twenty20 Big Bash: Australia’s Twenty20 contest, where teams are split into two pools of three.

Let’s discussed this Australian Tournament in detail.

STATE SEASON: Australian State season is a contest between 6 teams. This Tournament is a mixture of all the three tournaments registered below. This Tournament will catch over a month as you have to play many matches to win the Australian state season.

PURA CUP: A test contest of 4 days with full action – Pura Cup. Testify or play the Red ball cricket on Australian fields among Aussie fans. Surprising Tournament for solid test format fans.

ONE DAY DOMESTIC SERIES: One Day cricket matches of 50 overs. A tiny format but a multiple and challenging layout.

KFC TWENTY20 BIG BASH: 20 overs of high drama. For 20-20 fans, this is an excellent Tournament.

England State Cricket Tournament | 2007

County Season: The 18 county teams play a full season of top-notch cricket, presenting all four contests.

Liverpool Victoria Country Championship: England’s four-day, two-inning, national Tournament.

NatWest Pro40: England’s 40-over, One Day tournament among two divisions.

C&G Trophy: A finite Overs tournament with the winners of the South and North divisions playing for the trophy.

Twenty20 Cup: England’s Twenty20 competition.

Have a look in detail:

COUNTY SEASON: This Tournament holds all the four tournaments mentioned below. It is quite a lengthy tournament, but it’s entertaining as it gives various formats such as 20, 40, 50 overs and a verbose challenging format, i.e., test matches. It’s similar to the Australian state season tournament.

LIVERPOOL VICTORIA COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP: White’s into the action, i.e., four days test matches. Similar to the Ranji trophy in India, it’s somehow related.

NATWEST PRO40: 40 overs game – Comes with the contest as you have to hit 17 teams in a little format to win the NatWest pro 40 trophies.

C&G TROPHY: 40 and 50 overs, i.e., one-day matches in English orders and England Stadiums.

TWENTY20 CUP: Great Tournament for t20 fans. I love the little format of the game filled with action, thrill, and drama.

The Ashes

Players can contest for The Ashes among England and Australia. The following possibilities are available:

Ashes 2005 scenarios: Players select a team and play out strategies from the 2005 Ashes series. On finishing challenges, players can watch highlights videos in the Extras segments.

2005 power Ashes series: Players select either England or Australia and hold them over the entire warm-up matches, ODIs, and Test matches in the 2005 Ashes series. It is generated as equilibrium in the form of an England-hosted tournament.

2006-07 3 Mobile Ashes Series: Players select either England or Australia and hold them over the entire warm-up matches, ODIs, and Test matches in the 2006-07 Ashes series. It is generated as equilibrium in the form of an Australia-hosted tournament.

Game Development and Modding:

As Ea ceased making later wards this cricket 07, it allowed the best chances for Patch modders.

The top-secret is that EA Sports Cricket 07 game can be adjusted and changed even in 2020.

All credits to HB Studios have developed the game files so that everyone with little knowledge can build profound changes in this game.

A2 Studios, the significant modders, released their first patch, A2 Studios ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, after the world cup 2011.

The trained modders had at that time cannot be conveyed as thousands of people downloaded their patch, and then the journey began.

Per annum, new modded versions came, and most of them were a great success. Day after day, modding is becoming famous, and anyone wants to design his item for this old cricket 07 games.

The fact mentioned earlier that more than 50,000 active gamers play this cricket 07 game is just like these modders.

The kits, the faces of players, etc., can be enhanced as per our needs. You require little know how about the patch modding.

Other than Commentary, every file of cricket 07 can be re-edited. That’s how the World Championship tournament in cricket 07 was altered to ICC CWC 2018 tournament.

Requirements for EA Sports Cricket 07 Game

Are you excited to get such information about cricket 07? Now check in the system requirements of this game.

System Requirements of Cricket 07 Game

CPU: Pentium III, Intel core duo 2

RAM: 256 MB

OS: Windows [XP/7/8/10]

DirectX Version : 9.0c

Free Disk Space: 1.2 GB

Video Card: Direct X 9.0c Compatible

Patches Requirements

Original Cricket 2007

Updated Roster Files

Patch Files & Batpack (without Errors)

EA sports cricket 2007 is a quite addictive game to play that will have you jumping from one Tournament to another tournament. Every player who is genuinely not a real fan of cricket will finish catching how attractive the gameplay is.

The game was disseminated worldwide in two formats, i.e., digital versatile disk/ compact disk. The below-mentioned installer stated at the end of this article is the refitted version of the original cricket 2007 installer published by EA sports in 2007. You don’t need a key every time to install a modified version for a reloaded game with an already cracked setup. Because of the simplicity of Ea sports cricket 2007, this game is loved by millions.

If you desire to experience the original game, so you can download the original version. If not, you can also download the modified version as more hard work is needed to install Cricket 2007 from the original version.exe, although the revised version is fast and straightforward. If you want to download the original version so Click here. But we suggest you download the modified version as it is easy, simple, and fast.

Install the Modified version of Cricket 2007

  • Extract the file using WinRAR/7Zip
  • Run the installer using cricket EA sports cricket 07.exe
  • On your system, select the location where you desire to install Cricket 2007
  • Play the game using Cricket07.exe

Download the modified version of cricket 2007

Thank you for reading the entire article. For your comfort, I am giving you download links on two leading platforms. Mediafire and Mega. You can download Cricket 2007 original version from these platforms, which is suitable for you. The Setup size is about 830 MB.

Final Words

I hope this article is helpful; your questions such as EA sports cricket 2007 game download, cricket 2007 download, cricket 2007 features, cricket 07 gameplay, etc., have been resolved.

Now you can download the cricket 2007 game and cherish the modified versions of this best game. If you have any difficulty regarding installation or download, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments section.

Thank you!