Criminal background 5e

Different types of backgrounds have various benefits in your role-playing game. Mostly if we talk about dungeons & dragons 5e backgrounds, the criminal background 5e is one of the most useful experiences.  To get the good benefits of this game, first, go through the complete article. You will get a thorough knowledge of criminal background because it’s essential to know how to deal with the criminals in upcoming game levels.

What are the specialities of a criminal?

Criminals can be divided into different types, having different kinds of thieves clubs. They all have some specific qualities. For example, the criminals who operate from outside are more powerful as compare to others. For choosing the typical roll for you, you should have at least 5e criminal qualities.


  • Blackmailer: A person who demands money or any benefit in return of not revealing anyone’s secreting.
  • Burglar: A person who does robbery.
  • Enforcer: A roller that works against laws.
  • Fence: To buy or sell stolen goods.
  • Highway Robber: Robbery committed on highways.
  • Hired killer: A person who gets paid to kill a specific person.
  • Pickpocket: A person who steal things from people’s pocket.
  • Smuggler: A person who delivers or receives drugs or any illegal items.

These are some of the specialities present in person if he claims to be a criminal, having only one of them will also be enough to choose the perfect roll for you.

Specific characteristics should be in a criminal if he claims to be one :

We all have the right image drawn in our minds that a criminal should look like a villain. And that’s not the wrong because, from the core, criminals are villainous. But it’s also a fact that some criminals also have some qualities that make you love them. Apart from that, criminals showing even a little love are very rare because they are known for their stone-hearted behaviour.

Some of the typical features you will find in criminal background 5e:

  • He already has a plan to be if the first one gets flops.
  • Emotions can’t control any criminal, and he stays calm in every situation even if it gets worst.
  • When getting towards a new place, first go through the complete location to check where the things can be safely hidden.
  • They don’t like making new friends but love to make enemies.
  • They don’t trust anyone easily.
  • Never get worried about the risky situations.
  • They always do the things they are told that they can’t do it.
  • They even feel the slightest insult.

Imperfections or weakness in criminal background 5e:

Nothing is perfect in this world; everything has some imperfections. So criminals have too. Some of the flaws are listed below:

  • The prevalent weakness of any criminal is that if he saw something precious or valuable, they just started thinking about stealing it.
  • When given a choice to choose between friends or money, they always select money on friends.
  • They never go with planned things; if having one, they forgot it or completely ignored it.
  • They all have a tale that reveals the truth whenever they are lying.
  • They never care about anyone; even if someone is very innocent and in prison because of a crime, they will be okay with it.

Above, you have seen what criminal background 5e is, the characteristics, specialities, and weaknesses of any criminal.

Ideals of a criminal:

Whether criminals have unlimited bad qualities, flaws, or weaknesses, they have ideals, which they follow. Some of the objectives are decided before they start work or join the criminals club. Here are they listed below:

  • During the trade of anything, they signed a contract which says that they never steal it.
  • For freedom, they can do anything as they aren’t taught to be in prison.
  • Some criminals always steal from the wealthy people, and with that stolen things, they help the needy ones.
  • They can do anything to become rich and wealthy.


Now you know that what is criminal background 5e, what are the characteristics, specifications, and even weaknesses? Not only this, but a criminal also has some objectives that they follow in any case having any situation. Not all of them are bad; some are good too. As we all say with bad, there is a spark of good also.