Coin Master Free Spins 2021 – Ways to Get Coin Master Spins (100% Working)

Would you like to discover how to get free spins and coins in Coin Master? This is the ultimate guide to find links to free spins and coins in Coin Master every day.

This is an addictive and interesting mobile game by design. It incorporates the excitement of playing slots with the Collision of Clans’ social battle to build something that you just can’t put down; in a nice way. The thing is you have to set it down if you’re not ready to hand away from the cash for daily spins. That’s obvious because as little as 30 spins are going to set you back $1.99 in the US or £1.99 in the UK.

Luckily for you however there are a variety of ways to get Coin Master free spins, minimize the need for you to spend, and improve the speed at which you can make progress in this addictive journey. All of them are easy to take out too, so you may not have to worry about going through difficult strategies to keep on playing this fun and adventurous game.

In this thread, we’re going to discuss you all the resources you can use to get your hands on few more free spins here and there. This will encourage you to keep playing long after even when your normal free spins run out and provide you with the ways to get some more extra, without having to waste your hard-earned cash on paid spins in the game’s store.

Let’s dive in.


Below are some daily links that you can join to get a lot of coin master daily free spins . They upgrade this with new links every day so this is worth bookmarking this section and coming back every day to get much more.

  • 3 December:

25 Spins

2 million coins

More 25 spins

More ways to get free spins and coins

Checking here for daily new links isn’t the only method by which you can get free coins and spins! So, here we bring a bunch of other effective tips to enable you to get some more free spins in Coin Master. Check below:

free spins coin master links

  • Follow Coin Master on Social Media:

Every day, Moon Active, Coin Master’s creator, offers a ton of links that you can click to get your hands on a lot of free spins in Coin Master. If you stay connected with this, you will get a steady stream of fun handouts with very little effort. You should track the Coin Master on Facebook or Twitter and follow them.

  • Register for your email rewards

If you register yourself for email gifts on coin master website, you can get yourself a ton of extra free Coin Master spins every single day just by tapping the link on your device. No one has encountered any spam from signing up so far, so it’s a safe, convenient and simple way to get yourself some tasty free spins.

  • Invite your friends in Free Spins

Every time you invite a person to join Coin Master and he or she successfully joins the Coin Master via your sent link, you’ll get 40 free spins from the Coin Master, which is enormous. They wouldn’t even have to play the game; they just have to install it and sign in via their Facebook account to help you get free spins. And it will bring the reward towards you beautifully.

  • Requests spin as gifts

You can get more than 100 free Coin Master spins each day from your friends, though for that you may need 100 active friends who are good enough to give you a gift every day. Each gift consists of a single free spin.

And so far this is only possible if you’re incredibly popular, it’d be rare that you’ll have 100 friends. We suggest that you should join Facebook groups, and official Reddit group, to try and find people willing to play with you.

  • Watch daily video ads

You can get a specific number of free Coin Master spins every day by just watching video ads. Just scroll down to the slot machine and click the lower spin button. In case you do not find it there,  you can use this method only when you run out of free spins, but if it is there, simply click on it and you’ll get an ad screen to watch.

  • Spin – Coin Master free spins

Paradoxically, by well spinning, you can truly get a good amount of Coin Master free spins. If you see three symbols of energy spin in a row, you receive a bunch of free spins by clicking on them. Select a chain of them, and you can spin for centuries before you run out of it.

coin master free spins link 2019

  • Level up the village

Every time you boost up your village level, you’ll receive a lot of free spins coin master 2021. It isn’t simple, though because it requires a significant amount of items to buy and upgrade new buildings, and you also have to buy every one of them, consisting upgrades, to upgrade. It will cost you a lot of spins, as it is.

  • Take part in events

Often, there’s at least one event going on in the Coin Master, and this can entirely shower you with a lot of free spins. Take a gander at the top right of the page while watching the slot machine. Any remote buttons you can see under the menu (which is shown as three lines) is an event. Click on one of them and you’ll see what every event entails.

Reap the benefits of these events and you’ll get a lot more free Coin Master spins than basic.

  • Wait

This is an apparent suggestion, and it is worth considering. You’ll receive five free spins after every hour, and you can hardly hold a maximum of 50 spins at any single time. That means that every ten hours you reach the highest limit of spins, as well as any free spins of the Coin Master you received afterwards will eventually disappear.

So, we suggest setting a reminder to visit Coin Master every 10 hours at least to use your spins so that you always earn more and more. You’ll simply end up earning a lot of extra spins if you’re committed, so it’s worth it.

Some Tips & Tricks for Coin Master:

  • Don’t Hoard Your Coins!

You’re always vulnerable to a possible raid by withdrawing a significant portion of your saved coins. That’s why you’re only expected to spend coins if you can afford an order. This is particularly important if you’ve no Shield or if you haven’t activated the Rhino Pet yet!

Holding a huge stock of coins in your wallet also makes you a prime candidate for big raids. A Big Raid is a high bet Raid that if successful, could end with the Raider running away with billions of your Coins!

  • Big Raids

If you have a lot of spins at your side, it can be enticing to want to increase your bet number and reap the compounded spin bonus. This is a perfectly feasible way to make your Coin earnings higher. However, it’s best to protect your coins and spins for raiding a very prosperous player.

Just above the Slots Machine, you can check Coin Master delegated to you as well as their existing Coin stores. Protect your Coin Masters Bets with heaps of Coins. Because the amount of Coin you obtain from the Raid is dependent on the amount of Coins the gamer has from them by only using Highest possible Bets on very valuable Coin Masters, you get the chance to win a lot of coins in a very short time.

If you’re trying to get Big Raids, you should also have Foxy as your active pet. Foxy provides you with a further shovel to carve with the Raids so that you have an additional probability of gaining loads and loads of Coins.

  • Purchase Chests in every village

Individual cards do not offer prizes, but the completion of the Card Set does. When starting a new village, you must always buy as many Chests as you can handle. Lower Tier Cards are getting tougher as you move up in the Village Levels, thus initial stages are the best times to get low tier Cards you would need to complete the Set. There’s no worst feeling than having to pay a Jester to fill the lost common card that you may have gotten back to when you first began playing!

  • Don’t Lose Your Pet Bonuses

The strengthening effect of your pet is only accessible for four hours once it has been activated. If you are unable to play for four hours, you should save the activation of your pet before you have a four-hour time that you can allocate to the Coin Master.

This also refers to the defensive Rhino; if your position is under siege, he will not probably defend attacks until you send it out purposefully to do so.


Now we’re going to answer a bunch of questions you might have about getting daily free Spins in Coin Master.

Do links to the Coin Master free spins expire?

Yes, the daily links we offer at the top of the article expire after three days, that’s why we just include those for today.

Can I get 50 spin rewards from the Coin Master?

Coin Master 50 spin rewards frequently occur through in-game competitions, like those that award you for raiding or fighting other teams. There’s also a slight possibility to get this amount from your regular links too, so bookmark this tab and come back regularly to check.

How can I get 60 spins from the Coin Master?

Yes, but it doesn’t seem to happen much from regular links. We would suggest that you play regularly and engage in activities, and follow the social media platforms to figure out what’s happening on shortly.

coin master free spins link 2021

-How can I get 70 spins from the Coin Master?

We’ve not seen a Coin Master 70 spin reward occur as a part of daily free s[pins links, but it has been reported to appear as part of special occasions.

To get your eyes on this unique reward, we will suggest that you play regularly and monitor the social media platforms to check when the next major event will take place.

Can I get 100 spins in Coin Master?

Yes, but not from daily links. We’ve seen the same number of free spins occur frequently during in-game activities particularly for all those who pay you for raiding and engaging in PvP battles.

Play Coin Master more often and visit the social media platforms and keep a close eye out for such an event.

How am I going to get Coin Master 400 spins?

Again, 400 spin rewards just do not seem to happen as part of the daily bonus cycle, but they have been reported to occur during the game activities and events. Check the community events and play daily to get the maximum chance to earn this reward.

Coin Master is just as simple as they come, so it wouldn’t take a long time to pick up the basics and start playing. But it doesn’t say there’s no way to boost your play and your enhance your Coin Master experience. To see more on this, check here