Download Ceri Launcher For PC on Windows & MAC

Ceri Launcher is different than the Android and has a beautiful bunch of colors and have a lot of promoters. This app brings simplicity to your Android Apps and change the overall look and bring a smile on your face every time whenever you facilitate with the features of Ceri Launcher. Ceri launcher is available on Android and will available on IOS also. For now, the app is available on PC and you can download Ceri Launcher for PC on Windows and MAC.

The interface is so amazing whenever you start the app for the first time. It has asymmetric layout and all the apps are available in pretty circles. There is an analog clock crown and you can get all the options from there. OLED Screen has special dark mode available and different unique wallpapers are also available. We cannot say that it has a maximum option in the world but of course, it has something that can increase the users experience overall. There are many users who want something unique, attractive to their Android phones and yes Ceri Launcher is for those people who want to turn out their Android phones.

Features of Ceri Launcher

It will blur or darken your wallpaper which looks slick and lives wallpaper support is currently not available. More features are mentioned below:

Beautiful Clock: NPKompleet has designed a beautiful analog clock and has the ability to search all the apps on the phone. It can also launch a google search for it.

No ads: every user doesn’t want to see ads while using the application like the Ceri launcher. The best feature is this app is ad-free and you don’t have to bear ads while using this application.

Ubuntu Font: The Ceri launcher now uses the Ubuntu fonts and all the things look amazing. In the new feature, subtle shadow added with the text.

Performance: The overall performance of the app is perfect and works best on Android 8.0 and more. If we talk about performance mode when the app is using the Flatland mode performance and has the ability to disable all the shadows.

Guidance Before Downloading Ceri Launcher on Windows & MAC

You are here which means you are want to download Ceri Launcher on windows or MAC. This portion is necessary, and we recommend to read each step carefully. We will tell you to download and install the Application through Bluestacks. We will share the light version of bluestack with you, which will not take much space and memory.

On the other hand, the next important point is sometimes apps are not directly available to download through play store. Therefore, we have to download the APK file and install the APK file using the Bluestacks. Don’t worry; we will also guide you on how to download Ceri Launcher for Mac/Windows & Windows and install Ceri Launcher for PC via APK.

How to Download and Install Ceri Launcher for PC 2019

To download and install, follow the few guide step by step. For any confusion in any action, do let us know in the comment sections.

  1. Windows Users: First step is to Download and Install BlueStacks.
  2. Mac Users: the First step is to Download and Install BlueStacks.
  3. To install bluestack, follow the guidelines given in the download and Install the blueStacks section above.
  4. Now Go to Desktop and Open the BlueStacks Application on your Mac that you have installed before.
  5. In the BlueStacks, You can see the search icon button. Click on this button and type your desire App name that is “Ceri Launcher” Now you have to click on a search using the google play store.
  6. Click on Install.
  7. Now Go to “My Apps” on BlueStacks. You can see that you’re Ceri Launcher has downloaded and installed
  8. .Click on the Ceri Launcher and follow the instructions given on the BlueStacks Screen to Use the app.
  9. Next time, open the BlueStacks and use the App on BlueStacks.

That’s All For Ceri Launcher.

How to Install Ceri Launcher for PC using APK

Sometimes, you have to download and install Ceri Launcher for PC using APK. Only in the case if you are not able to find Ceri Launcher on play store. In this way, you have to download and install Ceri Launcher for PC(MAC/Windows). Here are the few steps you may need to follow:

  1. In the first step, you have to download and save Ceri Launcher APK on your MAC & Windows.
  2. We are here supposing that you have downloaded the APK file on your MAC/Windows.
  3. Now, in the second step, you have to download the BlueStacks for MAC/Windows.
  4. Now Go to Desktop and Open the BlueStacks Application on your Mac/Windows that you have installed before.
  5. This step is essential and follows instructions carefully:
  6. Download the Dropbox on BlueStacks. Go to the search icon and type “dropbox.” Search dropbox using the google play store. Download and install the dropbox on BlueStacks.
  7. Create a new account on Dropbox and open it.
  8. Similarly, now open the same account that you created for Dropbox in BlueStacks. Open the Dropbox account in your MAC/Windows.
  9. Upload Ceri Launcher APK file on Dropbox.
  10. After uploading Ceri Launcher APK on dropbox, go to BlueStacks, download Ceri Launcher APK on an emulator(BlueStacks) and install this APK as you usually install.
  11. Go to My Apps or App Drawer; you will find you’re Ceri Launcher App. Now click on play to play.
  12. Follow all the instructions to Use the app.
  13. That’s All. Congrats you can now use Ceri Launcher on PC (Windows & MAC) using play store and as well as using APK.

Final Words For Download Ceri Launcher For PC

On the other hand, You can share your views about Ceri Launcher in the Comment section if you have any question at any step.

Ceri Launcher For PC: Google Play Store