Best star players in the premier league 2020

The premium league is the top professional football league. The premium league formed in the year 1992. The 380 matches of the premier company start from 12th September 2020. The premier league of 2020 is the 28th season of the premium league. People are always super excited about the football matches and wait for the premium league to happen. In this article, you will get to know some of the best players in the premier league 2020 you can also get more info here ดาวดังพรีเมียร์.

Virgil van Dijk:

Virgil van Dijk announces as one of the best UEFA players of 2019 and the premier league player of the year 2018-2019 season. He also won Best FIFA Men’s players in the 2018-19 season. He contains many honors in his bag as he is only 28 years old. He also played Celtic and awarded as the Scottish club player in the year 2013-14. Hw is also a dutch defender of the liver pool and takes the premier league to the next level.

Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City):

He always plays attractive and offensive football. Kevin is directly involved in 111 of city’s and scored 454 goals in the premier league 2015/2016. He is one of those players who can turn the game with the flick of outside foot. Many people doubted De bruyne talent when players rocked up at Etihad, having cost only city 55m pounds. He is always the core member of the title winning sides ever since. He is a perfect player in all sense.

Mohamed Salah:

He is the only Egyptian footballer and has been named the premier league player in the 2017-2018 season. He currently plays only for Liverpool, but he has also played for other top tiers like Chelsea and AS Roma. He is also a top scorer at the AS Roma, as he gave 15 goals in only 31 appearances. He also remained the top scorer at Liverpool as he scored 71 goals in his 103 appearances in the premier league. Egyptian national team and Liverpool both love him and named him as “Egyptian king” and “The pharaoh.” one of the nonmuslim fans of salah said that if he makes more goals for them, they will convert into Islam.

 Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool):

Over the past few seasons, he has shown how development under the same club can transform the players’ career. Trent Alexander played all the 38 of Liverpool games in season 2019-20. He wins the young player award of the premier league in 2019/20. He also made the most touches of any player in the year 2019/2020 and delivered 13 assists.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang:

He is a Gabonese striker and played premier league club, Arsenal, and he became the second-highest goalscorer in the premium league 2019-20 by gaining 19 goals. He not only played English premier league but also played European clubs, which are the Bundesliga, league 1 of France, and Serie A. he also remained as the top goalscorer in the 2016-2017 seasons with 31 goals. He has almost 31 years of age, but he is still remarkable and also looks set to get better. He is more valuable than his other club members like salah, pope, and Vardy.

Jamie Vardy:

Jamie played the ninth season at Leicester city and remained the top scorer player in the past five seasons. He remained as the most valuable attacking asset in the Leicester’s even in his mid 30’s. He scored 121 goals in almost 269 appearances for his team in Leicester city. Vardy is, by nature, a goal scorer. He has scored 31 goals in 32 appearances for the league one club and Fleetwood town.


In a nutshell, the player นักเตะหน้าใหม่, as mentioned earlier, are the best in the premier league 2020. The list is still not ended yet. There are a lot of more players who are on the best players list.