Aarakocra 5e

Aarakocra is a medium-sized 5e D&D monster that looks like humans. He’s so powerful if we compare him with Arancola Hawkman, who can dives straight in flight towards its target at least 30 feet and hits the competitor with a melee attack. But Aarakocra 5e is three times powerful then Arancola Hawkman. He can attack his opponent with an additional 3 (1d6) damage.

Howling Gyre, where the Aarakocra 5e live:

In the phrase howling Gyre, the word Howling means noise, and Gyre means the oceans’ circular motion. The Aarakocra 5e encircle around the quite in the air of Aaqa frontier. This area is entirely stormy, and the squally showers have occupied all the space.

The primary purpose of roaming around the area is to protect it for the enemies that come from the earth’s elemental plane like a gargoyle.

The elemental enemies:

  • Aarakocra 5e has to serve him to the wind duke of lkwa; not only does this Aarakocra 5e move around the plane’s elements in search of temples of the evil.
  • They are always monitoring hostile elements and destroy those creatures whenever they see it. Or if they can’t, they report it to the duke of the wind.
  • The nest of Aarakocra 5e in the central material plane is always on the top of high mountains. As they still prefer to live on the peaks near the aeroplane portal. The reason behind this is that they can easily watch the signs of the elemental invasion from these heights.
  • One more reason for living there is that they are always alert from the hidden dangers. The main thing about Aarakocra 5e loves to live in a, non-stop life, but they can also station themselves to resist for years to monitor attacks from the enemies easily. The Aarakocra 5e does not have any territorial or property ownership concept. They don’t like the gold of silver jewellery, or any other rare material doesn’t make any sense. Every individual from there group will only take what they need and leave the rest for others.

Searching for the seven shards:

The story starts with the family of duke aikwa, whose name was Vatti. He was an elemental race who ruled on many worlds. But when the chaos, who is the existence queen of individuals, fought a war against the Vatti rule.

To compete with this queen chaos, the Vatti choose seven heroes. All of them gathered their power and made a rod of law. Its power was unbeatable. When the fight started against his boss, Mishika, the wolf spider, when he fights against the queen of chaos, one of the Vatti’s fighters punched the wand just like a spear in the Mishka’s body and killed him.

When Mishka was dead, the wand was brooked and divided into seven pieces and got divided between multiverses. Now the Arancolas are still finding the rod and searching for the traces; they hope that they will find the wand one day, and then they will recast it again.

Aarakocra 5e as sky wardens:

Aarakocra is more comfortable in the sky as they can spend hours in the air, and some of them can live in the mood for days. They lock their wings in place, and then thermal air holds them in height. If we talk about the battle, they are perfect in dynamic and acrobatic fliers; they can move around at remarkable speed and dive towards the lash opponent with weapons.

The Aarakocra can live in the air for months but comes down to lay eggs and feed their babies before introducing them with attitude. Sometimes the Aarakocra feel sympathetic to the peoples living on earth.

Traits of Aarakocra:

As an Aarakocra, there some everyday things with your people. Aarakocra can fly at high speed; it is beneficial in some cases but can be dangerous too. So for playing the role of Aarakocra, there are some required considerations.

  • Your ability score will increase when your mental skill increased by two, and your self-knowledge increases by 1.
  • The maturity age of any Aarakocra is 3. And if we compare Aarakocra with humans, the entire life of any Aarakocra is only 30.
  • Most of them are very good for each other as there leader of warriors may be lawful.
  • The walking speed of any Aarakocra is 25 feet.